Galvanised perforated metal sheets

Perforated metal sheets galvanized, ground, brushed or coated

A surface treatment can be very useful. For example, to improve the longevity of your perforated sheets or the appearance. At Fahl Lochbleche, you can choose from various finishing methods: In addition to machine degreasing, perforated sheets are galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, electrolytically polished or plastic powder-coated on request.


perforated sheets are available galvanised, oiled oder hot-dip galvanised

Without further information, perforated sheets are not galvanized, but only lightly greased. That is, the sheets are afflicted with a tactile and visible oil or fat film. Alternatively, degrease with an oil binder. With oil binders we achieve a relatively grease-free surface. However, residues remain in the holes. For a completely grease-free surface we recommend machine degreasing. However, this method is only suitable for stainless metals.

you can order your metal sheets:

  • oiled
  • galvanised
  • hot-dip galvanised
  • electolytically polished
  • plastic powder-coated.

Perforated sheets are not only avaliable galvanised, but also as hot-dip galvanised. In the case of subsequent hot-dip galvanizing, the perforated sheets are galvanized by immersing them in a molten zinc melt. If perforated sheets are galvanised in the way, they can then have a rough, grainy surface. In addition, the hole diameter should be more than five millimeters, otherwise the holes can be clogged.

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