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Perforated Plates made of stainless steel, steel and aluminium

Located in Ennepetal for over a hundred years

Welcome to Fahl Lochbleche

The Westfälische Metall-Locherei Franz Fahl GmbH was founded by Wilhelm Brackenwagen in 1907 is a family owned and operated firm, now being managed by the family’s third and fourth generations. The company presently employs a staff of more than 30 persons. Today’s performance spectrum includes the manufacture of perforated metal, either from coils, or standard sheets as well as cut to size sheets, made up from all types of materials amenable to punching – including steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, plastics and the like. In addition we offer ancillary treatments like electroplating, painting and powder-coating of perforated metals.

Manufacturing perforated plates

Three different types of machine are commonly used for perforating: sectional perforating presses, all across perforating presses and turret punching machines.

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Working at Fahl

The Westfälische Metall-Locherei Franz Fahl GmbH is located in Ennepetal, North-Rhine Westfalia, since 1907. Our team of about 30 specialists works in different areas of production, processing, customer care, procurement and sales. And we are looking for personnel reinforcement.


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